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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Work Related Injury

According to NIOSHA, an unbelievable 77% of all Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients are unable to return to their previous professions following surgery.

Diabetic, Older Patients and Pregnant Women

A full 16% of diabetic patients suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – that's 4.8 M  people in the US alone, annually. The percentage of pregnant women in their third trimester suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome actually rises to about 50%. Surgery for any of the above-mentioned patients can be disastrous, if not lethal. ActiVessel is the only solution that can treat their symptoms swiftly and without surgery.

Unique Treatment - ActiVessel

  • Noninvasive therapeutic ultrasound

  • Quick results, in just three to six 30-minute treatments

  • Totally safe: FDA- and CE-approved to reduce pain and increase blood flow

  • Avoids irreversible surgery: How many patients have had surgery, only to discover they were misdiagnosed, but the damage of their operation cannot be reversed? ActiVessel treatments are totally safe, causing no harm. Furthermore, in case the area of entrapment was incorrectly diagnosed, the ActiVessel treatment can be moved to another location, or stopped, with absolutely no adverse effect.

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Indications: FAQ

Diabetic Neuropathy

As every neurologist, physiotherapist and pain clinic manager knows, peripheral neuropathy is a devastating condition for which little can be done. In fact, no truly effective treatment has been found for this complex disease. However, while no one-size-fits-all solution exists, we have performed over 5,000 treatments with breathtaking results. Just take a moment and imagine the life-changing results of even a 50% improvement in a patient's condition.

Non Healing Chronic Ulcers

Plastic surgeons and specialists dealing with chronic ulcers and diabetes know the dangers of a non-healing wound, many of which lead to amputation and even worse.  Even patients 'fortunate' enough to keep their limbs must often live in constant and excruciating agony.

ActiVessel, with its groundbreaking ability to clear blood vessels, can ignite the healing process in chronic wounds. We have performed over 15,000 treatments worldwide with astonishing results – in many cases, sensation quickly returns to the treated area, even after neuropathy has resulted in numbness. 

For patients with chronic ulcers, lack of accurate measurements showing positive progress in terms of their wound's closure is a major cause of noncompliance with treatment.  ActiVessel has addressed this, with our state-of-the-art, patented integrated monitoring that helps to ensure patient compliance. As well, the drastic and rapid reduction of pain patients experience, often from their first treatment, provides a major boost to compliance.

Indications: FAQ

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